State by BCR

On this page, you can access recently completed bird habitat assessments for State x Bird Conservation Regions of interest to you. These State x BCR Assessments, and accompanying Summaries, were developed to serve as a “stepped-down” version of the 2007 Joint Venture (JV) Implementation Plan. They include lists of JV “focal” species used for planning that represent land covers, or bird habitat associations, important to suites of birds occurring in the JV Region. Bird habitat (cover type) conservation objectives at the State x BCR scale are included in assessments as well as the amount and location of land currently under protection. Also included are primary modes of recent land cover conversion and general bird management implications based on how existing land cover relates to JV-established bird habitat objectives.

Click on the map below to retrieve the corresponding State X BCR assessment.

BCRs Great Lakes Region Michigan BCR 12 Wisconsin BCR Minnesota BCR 23 Minnesota BCR 23 Iowa BCR 23 Wisconsin BCR 23 Michigan BCR 23 Iowa BCR 22 Nebraska BCR 22 Kansas BCR 22 Missouri BCR 22 Illinois BCR 23 Illinois BCR 22 Indiana BCR 23 Indiana BCR 22 Indiana BCR 24 Ohio BCR 23 Ohio BCR 22 Ohio BCR 13 Wisconsin BCR 22 Wisconsin BCR 22 Minnesota BCR 12 Minnesota BCR 23 Minnesota BCR 23

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