JV Research and Monitoring Priorities

Little Blue Heron, photo by Noppadol PaothongSince monitoring and research are often activities along a continuum, the intent of both was clarified by the JV Science Team in 2007, for purposes of JV planning efforts:

Monitoring is designed and implemented to measure progress toward meeting JV population goals and habitat objectives.

Research is designed to answer specific questions that arise from uncertainties or assumptions inherent in conservation planning and implementation.

Evaluation via monitoring and research are critical to measure population trends and management results, fill information gaps, and to improve management decisions. Monitoring and research objectives were established and prioritized in each of the JV bird-group strategies, and are periodically reviewed and updated by the JV Science Team. These objectives are intended to guide JV partners in designing the highest priority research and monitoring projects to meet our shared objectives, and are also used by the JV Technical Committee to review and rank proposals submitted to the JV for funding through our annual JV grants program.

Updated JV Research and Monitoring Priorities (organized by bird group) are listed below:

Joint Venture Habitat Accomplishment Reports

Habitat Accomplishment Reports are prepared annually by JV Staff and Partners to track the progress of the Joint Venture Partnership towards the habitat protection, restoration, and enhancement objectives outlined in the Joint Venture Implementation Plan by habitat type. Previous year reports are listed below:

Joint Venture Science Office Annual Reports

These Annual Reports are prepared to provide an annual overview of both the activities of the JV Science Office Staff, as well as to give a snapshot of the current JV-funded research and monitoring projects objectives and progress to date.

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