Mallards, photo by Noppadol PaothongBird Group Committees - the Joint Venture “Science Team”

The JV Science Team is a group comprised of the 10 JV Technical Committee members (see below), plus several ad-hoc members who provide expertise in bird habitat conservation and biological modeling to the JV. This group of scientists, representing several different state and federal agencies, universities, and non-governmental organizations within the JV region, was responsible for the development of the 2007 JV Implementation Plan and associated Bird-group Strategies. The JV Science Team is also responsible for keeping up-to-date on the latest in bird research and monitoring efforts in the region, and for integrating this information into JV priorities.

With the exception of JV staff, Science Team members serve on a voluntary basis on the following committees:

Waterfowl:   Landbirds:
John Coluccy, Co-chair (Ducks Unlimited)*
Greg Soulliere, Co-chair (USFWS)* 
Mike Eichholz (Southern Illinois University)
Robert Gates (Ohio State University)*
Ron Gatti (Wisconsin DNR)*
Dave Luukkonen (Michigan DNR)*
Doreen Mengel (Missouri DOC)*
John Simpson (Winous Point Marsh Conservancy)
Heath Hagy (Illinois Natural History Survey)
  David Ewert, Co-chair (The Nature Conservancy)*
Tom Will, Co-chair (USFWS)
Andy Forbes (USFWS)
Mark Nelson (U.S. Forest Service)*
Andy Paulios (Wisconsin DNR)
Brad Potter (USFWS)
Charlotte Roy (Minnesota DNR)
Greg Soulliere (USFWS)
Wayne Thogmartin (U.S. Geological Survey)*
Mike Ward (Illinois Natural History Survey)
Shorebirds:   Waterbirds:
Tom Cooper, Co-chair (USFWS)
Bob Russell, Co-chair (USFWS)
Ben O’Neal (Franklin College)
David Ewert (The Nature Conservancy)
Robert Gates (OSU)
Katie Koch (USFWS)
Brad Potter (USFWS)
Greg Soulliere (USFWS)
  Dan Holm, Co-chair (Illnois DNR)*
Ben Kahler (FWS)
Steve Lewis, Co-chair (USFWS)
Brian Loges (USFWS)
Mike Monfils (Michigan State University)
Bob Russell (USFWS)
Rick Schultheis (KS DWPT)*
Greg Soulliere (USFWS)


*also a JV Technical Committee member

The Joint Venture Technical Committee

In addition to the duties described above for the larger JV Science Team, the JV Technical Committee is responsible for reviewing, ranking, and providing funding recommendations for the annual Joint Venture Flex Fund Grant Program.

Meeting Minutes

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All bird photos on this website courtesy of Noppadol Paothong